About Us

Vom Ragnborg A kennel born out of love for dogs with the aim to produce healthy, typey pups for Conformation and Temperament, which are a pleasure to own!!!

We come from dog loving families from our childhood and so dogs has always been a part of our lives. In fact we cannot imagine a life without our canine friends. Our kennel was born out of our love for our dogs and our desire to produce similar loving companions for others to have the same joy as we have. Let us give a small introduction to our family.

I'm Kalaiselvi Venkatesan, MBA( Fin ) and run the kennel with the support of my husband.

You can see the details of our dogs in "OUR DOGS" page. Hope you like them.

We have been owned by rottweilers in our household since 1998, and after gaining lots of experience with their care and behavior and after studying lots of bloodlines and understanding the breed standard, we finally decided that we should start breeding them and so we spent a long time to find the perfect type stock to establish our breeding program.

To own and breed quality rottweilers, is a great pleasure and we have seen many people around us who cannot find the quality they are looking for and so get frustrated and come out of the breed. There is a lot of misunderstanding about their temperament too.

So our aim is to produce quality rottweiler pups to satisfy the needs of true rottweiler lovers. we are great fans of ADRK rottweilers, since ADRK maintains very strict breeding norms and we hope to produce rottweilers as close to the breed standards as possible. We have tried our maximum to give correct information on rottweilers and hope that our effort is useful to rottweiler lovers and also to people who wish to learn more about them. If there is any error, it is unintentional and pls do let us know so that we can correct them.