Why ADRK Rottweiller

ADRK is the Allgmeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Club which is responsible for the definition of the rottweiler breed std, supervising the training and breeding of rottweilers, preserving, consolidating and strengthening the unique characteristics of the Rottweiler breed and enhancing its physical attributes and character.

The motto of ADRK is "Rottweiler breeding is and remains the breeding of working dogs."

All rottweiler breeders in Germany are required to follow the strict norms established by the ADRK for their breeding programs. Some of the rules are:

1. Age limits: Females:- Min 20months; Max 8years
Males:- Min 24months; Max 9years

2. Frequency of breeding: Males: not more than 2 females in a week, not more than 40 females in a year. Females: only one litter per year

3. Minimum eligibility: Both male and female should have passed the *Breed suitability test(Ztp), atleast one of the partners should have atleast Schutzhund I and atleast one partner should have korung "select" hips i.e HD frei or HD +/-

4. Advanced Breed qualification tests(Korung) is the ultimate breed suitability test to select the best from the dogs suitable for breeding. A description of Korung tests shall be covered shortly elsewhere.

5. In selecting breeding partner, ADRK breeders make use of the Dogbase for minimizing HD/ED incidence of the litter.

Due to the strict adherence to the breeding norms, the ADRK rottweilers are the most sought after in all parts of the world. As a result of such strict norms, it is widely accepted that the progenies of ADRK rottweilers are comparatively more breedworthy and breeders from all countries, get their foundation stock for their breeding program from ADRK.

When compared to German rottweiler breedings, the rottweiler breeding norms in other countries are more lax whereby they are neither checked for temperament nor for conformation traits specially hind assembly, dentition faults etc.

Breed suitability test(Zuchttauglichkeitsprufungen):

The purpose of ztp is to select the rottweilers which are most suitable for breeding and excluding the rottweilers which are not suitable.

The suitability test is done through:

(1) Conformation measurements from head to tail, weight, eye color, complete dentition, scissor bite, angulation of hindlimbs, topline, coat etc. special emphasis is placed on the structures related to the movement of the rottweiler.

(2) Next is the temperament test done by firing gunshots twice when the dog is offleash and its reaction is observed. The dog must not react shyly or aggressively to the gunshot.

Then the dog is walked into a group of people and told to sit. The dog should be indifferent to the group.

Next an attack on the handler occurs, whereby, the dog must react to attack by an agitator wearing a protection suit by biting the sleeve while being driven by the agitator and taking two controlled stick hits.

The final part of the temperament test is the courage test whereby the dog must go after an agitator that is running straight away from the dog. As the dog gets within fifty feet of the agitator the agitator turns and faces the dog, making threatening gestures with the stick and sleeve. Once again the dog can show no fear. He must bite the sleeve and take two pronounced stick hits while being driven by the agitator.