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Dogbase : HD 97 ED 91
Ilea in 2 years
Ilea in 4 Months
Ilea joined us in november,2006 as a 12wks old pup. Our love for ADRK rottweilers propelled us to get a bitch directly from germany. Vom Kummelsee kennel is one of the best kennels in Germanyand their dogs are all over the world.

As promised by the breeder, we got an excellent puppy. She is a very promising pup with a great future. Her head and snout are so huge, we personally have never seen a rottweiler female pup with such huge head, short muzzle, strong bones, luxuriant coat and picture perfect appearance.

She is a very naughty pup with lots of energy and has already uprooted almost all the plants in our garden. But her expression is so soulful that we have to make a great effort to be firm with her. We wish to thank Ms.Ute Ruis, for giving us such a good puppy.