Dogbase : HD 100 ED 102
In pursuit of our passion for ADRK rottweilers and also in line with our view that in any breeding program, the quality of the bitch has as much importance as the dog if fact more, we continued our search for a perfect ADRK bitch to strengthen our lines and as usual after lots of time, effort and energy spent, we finally found the perfect mix of phenotype and genotype in Quana.

She came to us on April 11th 2007. She has a fantastic pedigree and she is an absolute delight to look at.Her head is huge, body is perfectly proportioned, very strong back and legs, beautiful topline and very heavy bones.

Quana's temperament is great and she loves kids so much that we adults feel left out when kids are around us. She has adjusted to our environment so early and easily that it is a pleasure to see her following us faithfully wherever we go.

She is very clean and grooms herself constantly and loves to have a good brush daily. She has lots of stamina and it is us who tire first when we